Comfort Cald Blankets

Comfort Calf Blankets keep calves warm during the winter and helps the calf to save energy. Energy saving increases the ability to grow and decreases the chance for illnesses like lung infection to strike. These advantages will result in lower costs for medication.

Comfort Calf Blankets are available in two sizes (Standard and Premium). Both are made of high quality material and is both breathable and water repellent. The blankets can be machine washed (30 degrees Celsius) and are equipped with clips instead of Velcro, which attract dirt, for an easy fix.

The Standard blanket is suitable for Jersey calves (up to three weeks of age) and for Holstein calves (up to two weeks of age). The Premium blanket is suitable for Holstein calves up to four weeks of age.


• Protects calves against low temperatures
• Helps calves to save energy during the winter
• Reduces the chance of lung infection
• Saves costs in feeding, medication and litter
• Breathable and water repellent material
• Easy fix with adjustable clips
• Machine washable (30 degrees Celsius)




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