Comfort Hoof Sprayer

Hoof Care Sprayer SMALLThe Comfort Hoof Sprayer is a low-noise pressure sprayer equipped with a rechargeable battery. The adjusted mounted nozzle makes it ideal for application of Comfort Hoof Care. The rechargeable battery provides a constant pressure for an optimal coverage. The Comfort Hoof Sprayer has a 5 liter capacity, which makes it easy to use in different places. The Comfort Hoof Sprayer is made of drop-safe materials and has a large fill opening.


• Equipped with an adjusted nozzle for Comfort Hoof Care
• Pump starts and stops with the switch in the handle
• Fill / Clean without the loss of pressure
• Spray up to 5 times the capacity of the tank on a fully charged battery
• Rechargeable battery including power cable
• 3 bar pressure


• Time saving due to quick and efficient treating
• Spraying lance can be stored in the handle to prevent damage
• Handy and easy to carry with the large handle or with the shoulder strap
• Always ready for use
• Easy to fill / clean due to large fill opening