Comfort Horn’up

De Comfort Horn’up is a compact dehorner with ergonomic design for quick and efficient dehorning of animals without danger. The Comfort Horn’up guarantees a maximum success. The shape of the ceramic head, with replaceable heating wire, provides an easy, quick and perfect dehorning process in the first days of the animal’s life. The device heats up to more than 700 ºC and has built in protection for overheating. Available in two types: With rechargeable battery (Horn’up) and with power cord (Horn’up XXL).

Horn-up  Case


• Dehorn up to 80 calves on a fully charged battery
• Operation and battery indicator light
• Sound signal when process starts and stops
• Built-in-battery
• Delivered in a handy case incl. charger

Horn-up XXL  Packaging


• Suitable for calves and kids
• Includes one ceramic head for calves (19mm) or for kids (16mm). Second ceramic head sold separately
• Sound signal when process starts and stops
• Delivered in plastic blister


• Quick dehorning process of ± 7 seconds
• Evenly cauterization of 4 to 5 mm deep. Guaranteeing the horn to stop growing
• Maximum success with the round ceramic head

How to use

To guarantee a good cauterization, clip the hair around the horn bud as much as possible. Make sure the battery is charged (does not apply for Horn’up XXL), at least 16 hours charging before first use. Treat calves between the 5th and the 20th day after birth (depending on the size of the horn bud). Treat kids between the 3rd and 7th day after birth.

How to use:

1. Place the device on the base of the horn bud
2. Press the ON/OFF button
3. 3 short beeps sound and the light shows that the process starts
4. After 3 seconds please twist the device 3 times in an angle of 45°, to get an even cauterization (see pictures)

Cautersatie 1 Cautersatie 2 Cautersatie 3

5. After 7 seconds 3 short beeps sound when the process is finished
6. Release the ON/OFF button
7. The beep stops and the light turns off

Spray Comfort Udder Care on the wound to prevent inflammation and if necessary repeat this for several days.

Depending of the legislation of your country, general and/or local anesthetics could be used.




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