Comfort Udder Care

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Comfort Udder Care is a care product for udders with essential oils and natural ingredients as main ingredients. This unique composition soothes and softens udders. The spray is easy to use in the milking parlour, the calving pen, the sow pen and in the barn. Spraying udders with Comfort Udder Care is easy and quick to do and it absorbs into the skin within seconds.

Essential oils and other natural ingrdients in Comfort Udder Care will be absorbed in the udder for a deep effect instead just a superficial effect on the skin of the
udder. Hard and swollen udders/quarters (edema) usually have a problem deep in the udder. To attack the cause of these problems a product must have it’s effect deep in the udder. Comfort Udder Care helps to get a better blood circulation, which helps to prevent swollen udders.


Comfort Udder Care is for use on cows, pigs, goats and sheep. The composition and effect of these products is equal, but the application can differ. The ingredients
of Comfort Udder Care have a positive effect on udderhealth in general and keeps udder soft and soothe. The essential oils and natural ingredients are known for
their bacteria and funghi killing effect. Comfort Udder Care supports the natural immunity and helps to keep an healthy udder.